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Wedding showroom in the Great Warehouses El Siglo

Hello everyone!

Among toast of cava, sushi tastings, oysters and cheeses we spent last saturday afternoon: visiting the Marry Me Showroom, a select sample of providers from the bridal sector.

This are the types of events that I like! Small in number, but with proposals from different suppliers. Besides of being a place where to savor, taste, touch and try what you are going to order for that very special day.

But let’s go one step at a time.  What if we do a little exercise of imagination…?

One, two, three…and voilà!

You open your eyes and you find yourself in an old warehouse. It is now a restored building and it is given different uses to which it had in the past.
It is a space with high ceilings and wooden beams, walls lined with books and several chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. It seems that you have stepped back several years in time, that now you find yourself in another era.
The Great Warehouses “El Siglo is a unique space with its own personality and a beautiful place to celebrate any event.

Within this enclave we enjoyed a wonderful evening sheltered from the rain that was falling outside.
Its soft and warm lighting made you feel very comfortable and relaxed. The truth, it seemed to us the perfect place for a lighthearted talks with exhibitors.

First we met a caterer specialised in sushi. We could taste in situ some of its more traditional proposals, but also other more avant-garde.
But what we liked the most was its offer for those who do not like raw fish. Thus you make sure that everyone at the wedding enjoys the sushi snacks!

After so much talk we were thirsty and what better than a couple of INEDIT Damm beers to calm our desire. As one of the sponsors of the event there were chilly beers available to guests.

Then we talked with Cristina, a girl who prepares homemade marmalades. But not only that, she ensures that the fruits and vegetables used to make them are local and always seasonal to guarantee the highest quality and flavour in their products.
To tell you the truth, they were terrific!
She offers different formats and sizes so you can choose the best option for the wedding favours, but we also loved the idea of creating a marmalade’s corner in the appetizer of the big day.

We continued walking by the Marry Me Showroom and we found a beautiful corner decorated by a floral studio: a vintage table with a wild pendant center. We like unstructured and informal arrangements for all kinds of celebrations.
The pendant center is very good choice when there is no space at the tables and you don’t want to overdecorate with flowers the diners area.

Beside the floral studio there was an exhibitor that offered a selection of wine, cava and beer bottles with customisable labels. You can select the label’s fonts of the bottle, the message you want to include, logos, photos…and everything with a special paper to avoid the spoiling with moisture and the bottles condensation!
Here we could also try a craft beer aromatised with raspberries. A really delicious and refreshing aperitif, both for beer lovers and for the less enthusiastic about this drink.

Afterwards we came across a man dressed in sailor stripes, foreign accent, carrying two metal buckets and an assortment of various seasonings. Is it a gondolieri? Arya Stark? Oh no! haha 😉 Wow, they are fresh oysters!
Can you imagine being able to taste this delicacy with your favorite seasonings and without having to queue at a buffet? Well this is possible thanks to this supplier!
The wedding day, he wanders with his aphrodisiac cargo during the appetizer so the guests can taste oysters that are opened at the moment.

Once savoured the oysters, we came across a small stall of goodies. I’m not very fan of treats but still, I decided to choose a couple of different units and taste them. And thank goodness I did it! It is about titbits entirely handmade, and that, can be noticed.
Its texture was tender and gelatinous, and the taste…exquisite! Exotic fruits, pure cocoa, citrus…they even prepared riskier proposals based on cocktails, wine, beer…You can buy in bulk or in the configurations of guest details that they offer.

But our walk through the wedding showroom still doesn’t finish here. We also met some guys who produce wooden bow ties. There are plenty of different models and you have the chance to record a message on the back. I was quite surprised by its lightness and I like the originality and freshness that can provide to a more classic outfit.

It couldn’t be absent a travel agency specialised in honeymoons. A young company that elaborates your dream travel tailor-made. With their experience, they are well aware of the needs of newly wed couples and can advise and recommend the best options to enjoy that long-awaited trip.

Almost to the end, we visited some lighting experts. They offer several types of decorative lighting, such as the initials of the couple in big size or informational signs. But they also dare with customised projects and adapted to couples who are getting married.

closing time was approaching and just before leaving, we discovered a cook of delicious and assorted canapés. There was a lot of sweet and savory snacks but all of them with a flavoursome taste. The cook also prepared for the event some boards of premium cold cuts and cheeses of different flavors. And how could it be otherwise, we accompany it with a natural yummy lemonade.

Do you want to know more about these suppliers or our services?

If you want to take a brief walk through the beautiful El Siglo and see some of our favorite providers, do not miss the photo gallery you have here below.

And now, enjoy the ride

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