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Imagine saying “I do” on a shimmering sea, the sky awash with hues of orange and pink, the gentle lull of waves adding a serene rhythm to your vows. This is the captivating allure of a yacht wedding, an intimate and luxurious atmosphere that offers a truly unique experience as long as weather permits.


Why Choose a Yacht Wedding

A yacht wedding speaks volumes about exclusivity and privacy, enveloping your special day in a bubble of love and intimacy. The magic of tying the knot amidst the sea’s expanse creates memories that are not only picture-perfect but also heartwarmingly unforgettable. It’s a chance to sail away from the ordinary, surrounded by panoramic views that could melt the hardest of hearts.


Choosing the Right Yacht

Just like Cinderella’s shoe, finding the right yacht is crucial. From the chic charm of sailing yachts to the grandeur of motor yachts, your choice depends on your style, guest list, and preferred amenities. Perhaps you envision a small, intimate gathering on a sleek sailboat or maybe a large motor yacht that can accommodate a grand soiree. And let’s not forget the amenities! A full-service bar, a spacious dance floor, and world-class catering facilities can transform your wedding into an elevated celebration.

A bouquet of wedding flowers resting on a yacht

Legal Considerations

A yacht wedding has its own set of legal considerations. From obtaining the necessary licenses to ensuring your ceremony is officiated correctly, ironing out these details is essential. Additionally, if your wedding cruise sails into international waters, you may need to think about passports and visas for your guests.

Planning the Ceremony

Planning a ceremony on a moving sea can be exciting! With the boat’s gentle sway and the salt-laden sea breeze as your backdrop, it promises a ceremony unlike any other. But timing is key. As the sun sets, painting the sky with its twilight colours, you’ll have the perfect light and backdrop for your exchange of vows and yacht wedding photos.

Reception Considerations

Post-ceremony, it’s time to celebrate on the sea! A creative seating layout that maximises space and views, a carefully curated menu that takes advantage of the yacht’s kitchen facilities, and a well-thought-out plan for a dance floor can ensure your yacht reception is as stunning as the ceremony.

Yacht wedding reception table


When it comes to decorating a yacht wedding, simplicity is your ally. Minimal, elegant decorations that won’t flutter away with the wind are ideal. Drawing from a palette inspired by the sea and sky and incorporating a nautical, tropical, or luxury cruise theme can seamlessly tie your wedding’s aesthetics together.


Wedding Attire

Your yacht wedding attire should combine elegance and practicality. For the bride, a flowy, lightweight gown can beautifully complement the sea’s movement. Shoes wise, a comfortable and stable shoe is recommended to prevent heels from getting caught on the deck of the yacht. Some good options would be wedges, platform shoes, or chunky heels to safely enjoy the yachting experience.

As for the guests, remind them to opt as well for comfortable yet stylish footwear, keeping the yacht’s decks in mind.

Stunning yacht wedding dress

Backup Plan

Despite meticulous planning, the sea and weather remain unpredictable. It’s important not to let these variable elements rain on your parade, and that’s why a well-crafted backup plan is essential.

Celebrating indoors

Firstly, ensure that your chosen yacht has ample indoor space that can accommodate your guests comfortably. This could serve as a plan B for your ceremony or reception should the weather take a turn. Consider discussing this with your yacht provider in advance and explore how quickly and efficiently the setup can be moved indoors if needed.

Alternative date

If your heart is set on an outdoor wedding and the forecast predicts inclement weather, you might want to consider having a “plan B date”. Although this may be a more challenging option, it is sometimes offered by yacht charter companies, especially during off-peak seasons.

Shelter outdoors

Thirdly, consider renting a marquee or canopy that can be quickly set up on the yacht. An appropriate awning could provide shelter from a light drizzle and even from the scorching sun, ensuring that your guests are comfortable at all times. However, you must always check these alternatives with your wedding planner and yacht provider. They’ll help you to ensure the celebration will stick to the yacht’s license and meet the navigation legality/sailing regulations.

Lastly, it’s important to communicate your backup plans to your guests well in advance. Informing your friends and family beforehand can help them adjust their expectations and ensure they’re prepared for any last-minute changes.

Be ready for the unforeseen

Bethink that it’s the captain who should have the final say regarding the plan to follow (according to the weather) during the yacht wedding. Certainly, he will make the most appropriate and safe decision for everyone, crew and guests, to enjoy the celebration with guarantees.

For this very reason, consider the real possibility that the yacht can’t set sail in conditions of high winds and heavy seas and inevitably, the yacht wedding must be held at the shelter of the port.

Anyhow, it will still be a yacht wedding, just not on the high seas :).

Enjoy the ride

Remember, even with all the planning in the world, sometimes things may not go exactly as planned. But don’t let this dampen your spirits. Some of the most memorable weddings are those that had a touch of unpredictability to them. After all, it’s not just about the ceremony or the setting, but about celebrating your love surrounded by your nearest and dearest.

A yacht wedding truly elevates the concept of a destination wedding, taking the celebration to the heart of the sea. Offering a unique blend of luxury, intimacy, and stunning views, it’s a choice that promises a day of unforgettable memories.

And at Make It Happen BCN, we’re here to help you sail smoothly towards your perfect yacht wedding. Ready to embark on this exciting journey?

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