. Private Seafront Weddings .
For those who appreciate the beauty of the coast, a flawless wedding venue would be embracing the warm and free setting of a stunning beach.

With sand softly caressing your toes and a refreshing breeze tussling your hair, this intimate and romantic setting can feel like the ultimate dream.

The transformation from a beach wedding to a private seafront wedding

You may or may not be familiar with Spain’s regulations in regards to beach weddings; as beaches in Spain are public spaces, it means that, unfortunately, a whole beach cannot be hired for use for private events or gatherings including weddings.

However, all is far from lost, and you don’t have to let go of your beach wedding just yet! You may not be able to achieve total seclusion on the beach for you and your guests, but there are plenty of other acceptable ways to accomplish a private ceremony on the seafront.

As endless as the ocean as
timeless as the tides

The appeal of a private seafront wedding

There is the possibility of requesting permission from the government which could give consent to use a beach. Approval is only applicable during the low season between October and April, except for weekends in October and the Easter break.

Another suitable alternative is to choose a beach venue that already has permission for private events regardless of the season. This could be a hotel or a beach bar which is situated on the seafront.

Prepare for some of the most beautiful views

A key aspect to the success of a private seafront wedding is timing. Spain’s hot weather still flourishes at the coast which means private seafront weddings often showcase some of the most spectacular early morning or sunset views, depending on location. Escaping the midday sun during Summer is essential, so starting ceremonies later in the day such as early evening is a favoured choice for many private seafront weddings.

Unwind with the tide

As the waves gently roll to shore, the soothing calmness of the sea encapsulates all those close with its meditative and comforting nature. It is this type of tranquillity that appeals to those drawn to a private seafront wedding, creating a unique and memorable day for all invited.

Professional support for the day

With so much to consider, a wedding planner may be an essential aspect of your wedding day. In addition to the organisation required to achieve the perfect wedding day, having a dependable source to advise on suitable venues in the area is invaluable for the organisation of a destination wedding situated at the seafront.

Furthermore, with the potential of members of the public resting on the beach in the background of the seafront ceremony, the input of an expert may be essential during the all-important wedding photos.


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