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I am Natalia, your luxury wedding planner in Barcelona, a down-to-earth girl who has one distinctive quirk: I love weddings, and have always thought they were beautiful. Whether it’s in a field brimming with poppies, in an intimate and secluded chapel, on a boat overlooking the sea or at an altar adorned with fresh flowers: You, the couple, are the main priority for someone like me. Your ideas, what you dream of for your wedding day, how you have imagined each moment, your personal style.

We will work side-by-side for several days. I will listen to you and offer you the help you need, whether the details of your dream wedding are already set in stone, or you need a comprehensive plan for the event.


No one wants a generic wedding, and we can disregard etiquette; we love trends, but we can work together to make our own.

Afterwards, I will have learned something from you and I will continue to grow as a professional. I am also fortunate to be surrounded by an expert technical team specialised in different areas such as etiquette, image, design, production, etc.
Welcome to Make it happen BCN.

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