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Landmark events? Special days just because? We like them as much as weddings! Arranging the pieces of your dreams, whatever they are, made of old wood or glossy plastic, with a traditional aesthetic or going against the grain. Friendship, union and happiness are universal concepts; our job only consists in choosing the perfect music so everybody can dance to the beat of L, for love, of course!
At Make it happen BCN not only do we make weddings a reality, we also hold:


In which the experience of two wise people, the strength of their commitment and their tenderness create a lovely atmosphere.

Moreover, as great party planners,

we organise events for which the

sole purpose is to party:


Where you can dress up and let your hair down. Turn up the craziness!


To live it up at a unique event celebrating the day you were born, the first day you experienced the world and were truly happy.


Where you pick a day in your schedule that you want to be special, free from conventionality, just because. Graduation? The arrival of summer? Any time is a good time to arrange a party.


As event planners, we work side-by-side with different departments to create a corporate event that reflects the essence and philosophy of your wonderful company.


I am Natalia, your luxury wedding planner in Barcelona, a down-to-earth girl who has one distinctive quirk: I love weddings. We will work side-by-side. I will listen to you and offer you the help you need, whether the details of your dream wedding are already set in stone, or you need a comprehensive plan for the event.