. Bespoke services prior to the wedding day .

A wedding is a reflection of us

As one of the most meaningful and exciting events of our lives, it is only natural that the process leading up to your wedding day is just as enchanting.

The perfect wedding day is dependent on how much of the day reflects our true selves. Each aspect is one small insight into us, crafted for others to enjoy on the day. Much of it relies on the stylistic and design choices of all minor and significant details. It is essential to enjoy everything, from feeling incredible in your wedding outfit to being blown away by the venue and catering.

Personalised bridal shopper experience

for bride or groom

We offer a personalised shopper service over the course of two days. Explore Barcelona while searching for your perfect wedding outfit as a bride or groom, all with the support and guidance of a style expert.

Perfect for either bride or groom, we know that moral support is essential when finalising such significant decisions. The service covers the companionship of one guest who can accompany the bride or groom during the experience.

Day 1

The first day is dedicated to finding the central part of the wedding outfit, such as the dress or the wedding suit. The day will be an estimated maximum of eight hours in length.
What to expect:
  • An online image consultation to find the ideal wedding dress.
  • A style proposal.
  • A selection of 3-4 ateliers (maximum) that fit the style and taste of the bride.
  • A private van to transport the bride/groom and one guest between ateliers.
  • The bride or groom will exclusively receive a mini beauty treatment in the morning of the first day. This may include either a manicure, a relaxing shoulder massage or a facial treatment. The beauty treat will not be applicable to the guest who accompanies the bride or groom on the tour.
  • A shopping tour and brunch gourmet package.
After the tour, the bride or groom will receive a brief that includes pictures of the trialled dresses and suit. Each image will be complete with expert appraisal and guidance.

Day 2

No wedding outfit is complete without complementary accessories. Once you have chosen your desired wedding outfit, it is time to select the appropriate additions to enhance the look.
The second day of the service includes:


  • Accessories style proposal.
  • The transportation between boutiques.
  • The final visit to the atelier. If undecided, a second atelier can be visited on the second day for the final chosen wedding dress.
The experience will conclude with a look-book which will arrange the chosen options of the wedding outfit.

Additional support

Complementary to this service, we can help select accommodation as well as providing a touristic route, so you have the chance to explore Barcelona before returning home.

For more information, including details on the price of this service, please get in touch with me at Make it Happen BCN.

Complementary catering
and venue services

To ensure that you are fully satisfied with the catering and venue selection for your wedding day, we also offer complementary services to help determine your choice.

Catering tasting tour

This service is an attractive option for those who would like the opportunity to taste a variety of catering options before their final selection and commitment to a catering company.

The catering tasting tour is arranged as an extra service before free trials are set with the final caterer to help with the decision process if choosing between multiple companies.

Free trials are only offered after the wedding catering service has been confirmed and a contract has been signed and paid for. How many people can attend the trial will vary on the caterer’s policy and can vary between two to six people.

The tour accommodates for the couple plus two companions. If additional places on the tour are required, we can alter the menu and transportation arrangements at an extra cost. Please contact Make it Happen BCN for further information.

The tour consists of a maximum of three catering trials, and the price depends on the number of trials chosen.

What to expect on the catering tasting tour:
  • A selection of carefully researched catering providers.
  • The transportation to and from the catering tastings.
  • Our specialist assistance during the catering trials.
  • An expertly crafted briefing document to end the experience which will include the menus, photos of the food and any additional comments or advice produced during the tour.
Complementary to this service, we can also look for accommodation for you and your companions for the duration of your stay. For further information on this complementary service, please get in touch with me.

Wedding venue selection route

Similarly to the catering tasting tour, this service is to help couples decide upon the ideal wedding venue.

The wedding venue selection route is a one day service, and it includes the appointment of up to three different venues within a single province. All research of the venues will be completed beforehand following a consultation on the expectations of the wedding day.

What to expect on the venue selection route:


  • Transportation to and from each venue and back to the meeting point.
  • Our accompaniment to offer additional support and professional advice.
  • A gourmet picnic.
  • An informative briefing document complete with pictures taken of each venue with additional comments and advice found throughout the experience.
Whether creating your dream wedding or providing a complementary service leading up to your wedding day, Make it Happen BCN create bespoke experiences tailored for you. If you are interested in any of our featured services, please contact me for more information.


I am Natalia, your luxury wedding planner in Barcelona, a down-to-earth girl who has one distinctive quirk: I love weddings. We will work side-by-side. I will listen to you and offer you the help you need, whether the details of your dream wedding are already set in stone, or you need a comprehensive plan for the event.

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