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Sparkling turquoise waters set alight by gleaming white sands and luscious green cliffs, the idea of paradise could have been born in the sun-soaked Greek Islands.

Some of the most exotic locations in the world can be found here; Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Amorgos and Patmos are to name just a few of the hundreds of beautiful inhabited islands belonging to the area.

Its sheer beauty is matched with substance and Greece is loved for its classical historical sites, thriving culture and welcoming atmosphere.

Dance with the waves

Destination weddings in the Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are adorned with some of the most heavenly natural landscapes. From mountains to rugged cliffs, colourful towns to awe-inspiring beaches, each island is unique and entices you to explore all it has to offer.

With many couples desiring beach weddings, the Greek Islands offer many enchanting beach settings where fiery and vibrant sunsets steal the show at the end of an incredible day.

Elegant and stylish venues can be found throughout the islands, covering all tastes and requirements. Find yourself absorbed by the tranquillity, with settings including ornate farmhouses, spectacular hotels, relaxed bars by the beach and charming churches!

For those searching for complete exclusivity and intimacy, private islands such as Cameo Island in Zakynthos offer private wedding ceremonies by the sea.

The weather in the Greek Islands is just as beautiful as its landscapes, and you can expect generous sunshine from the end of April to the start of November.

Greece is one of the most accessible destinations in Europe. Either fly directly to the international airports in destinations including Athens, Santorini and Mykonos or make the most of direct flights or ferries from Greece’s capital.

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