Sonia & Cristina

“We want to say thank you for everything you did for us. The truth is that the wedding has been fantastic and has gone very well. People were absolutely amazed with the wedding! It has been a lot of effort, you have been very patience, we have had to reach agreements…We know that it has not been easy, but everything has gone perfect, and I mean, in a really “per-fect” way. So that is why we want to praise the whole work carried out by the team. We feel very blissful to see how delighted all our wedding guests were with the details, the decoration, the attention…you have done it great. We congratulate you, of course we could not have organised this wedding on our own without your help and even less, have imagined bringing about such a successful result. Mission accomplished! Thank you so much for a very well done job.”

Désirée & Max, Beach Destination Wedding

“Hiring a professional Wedding Planner is the best decision we have taken. Natalia was very helpful and we had a really wonderful wedding. Without her, we assume for sure our buddhist ceremony would not had been possible. In addition, she has a highly qualified team and fantastic contacts for catering, flowers and decoration. Thank you very much, and thanks also to the team to ‘make it happen’ in Barcelona.”

Enriqueta, Summer party for a 60th birthday

“Great!!! I wasn’t expecting this surprise at all…I just could not believe it! So many friends, a delicious meal and a very nice decoration. There wasn’t a detail missing. It was the best gift they could give me! You have organised a 60th birthday party that I will never forget. Thank you very much Make it happen BCN.”

Jake & Pau, Marine wedding on the Costa Brava

“We really want to thank Natalia for the wonderful job she has done. The wedding exceeded our expectations. We also enjoyed it because everything was perfectly organized. We also want to thank her for her endless patience, which meant that we got the wedding we had always dreamed of.”

Emily & Waël, Rustic wedding in the Vallès

“We had our dream wedding in Barcelona. Hiring the Make it happen BCN services was a great idea. The wedding was a complete success. They were all fascinated with the décor! We had a great time, which was exactly what we wanted, and really enjoyed our big day.

Thanks to Natalia and her great team!”

Iván, Indian themed party

“Wow! I had no idea what was waiting for me when I arranged to meet with my friends, but I never imagined anything so original and funny. We had an amazing time and the main focus was on the atmosphere, the food … everywhere! Thank you all, really. It was a very special day!”

Camille & Mathis, French flair

“I would like to thank you for giving us always such good recommendations. Personally, you helped me a ton with your advice and every time I spoke with you, I calmed myself a lot. We appreciate you for keeping the serenity and control all the while the wedding planning and for being so professional, helpful and very welcoming.
The wedding was fantastic! The food was delicious, all our guests loved it, the decoration inspired by the autumn was really a success (thank goodness we listened to you).
I felt the most beautiful and special bride in the world and Mathis remembers the day with a big smile. We are sincerely grateful for making our wedding a wonderful celebration.”