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Alejandro Dumas said: Love is physics, marriage is chemistry. I would add: and if the wedding is held at an exotic location, it is simply magic.

This is precisely what I am going to talk to you about today, my specialty: DESTINATION WEDDINGS! What are they? As I explain on my website, the term “wedding” is in itself spellbinding; if we add “destination”, we are instantly transported to an almost idyllic scene that makes us lean back and close our eyes. Destination weddings pull us away from our day-to-day life and offer us an original alternative that transforms our wedding into something sublime.

A destination wedding, involves travelling to a location that becomes your wedding destination. In other words, it is held in a destination that is not where you live. A prime example of this might be a Barcelona destination wedding. The definition given by the Oxford Dictionary is: a wedding held in an exciting or unusual place in a foreign country where all the people who travel to the wedding can also have a holiday/vacation. I do not completely agree with that definition, because a couple could choose to get married in an inhospitable part of the Sahara Desert, even though the infrastructure may be very complex and it may come at a steep financial cost. But, sure, without going to such an exaggerated extreme, I agree that the specific characteristics of the chosen destination are, at the very least, enticing.

What other characteristics do destination weddings feature? In my opinion, they must include elements of the traditions and culture of the location. Furthermore, the destination itself should play a role in the wedding. How? It should be incorporated through prior research and by studying the aforementioned elements, as well as the climate, means of transport, the accessibility of the venue (it could be a secluded area), and more.

Who wouldn’t want to get married in an idyllic setting, surrounded by their friends, family members, and beauty?

Talk to you soon, weddingmates!
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