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Interfaith weddings are the perfect way to combine the most meaningful aspects of a couple’s individual religions and cultures. The beauty of celebrating a marriage is that each relationship is unique, and this should be reflected on the day.

However, with so much to balance, it can be a lot for a couple to manage on their own.

Here at Make It Happen BCN, we have provided many couples with gorgeous and distinctive interfaith and religious wedding ceremonies . In this blog, we explain the advantages of using a professional to make your wedding dream become a reality.

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When planning an inclusive interface wedding, it can help to have the expertise of an experienced wedding planner by your side. They can help to streamline more complex wedding ceremonies that require extra special details when combining two unique cultures.

A wedding planner can take control of the more challenging processes and pick up on issues which you may have overlooked. They provide creative and effective ways to ensure you get the results you desire for your wedding day.

As you discuss the traditions and customs you would like to include on your special day, a wedding planner may think of things you would never have considered from their vault of previous experience and inspiration.


A wedding planner adjusting beautiful wedding flowers



When incorporating different aspects of different cultures into one balanced and inclusive ceremony, it can take a lot of organisation.

A wedding planner is an external figure who can coordinate multiple elements of the day. This may include:

  • Specific readings
  • Required translators
  • Brochures to guide guests on the expectations of the day
  • Ceremonial customs

Some couples also like to feature arts and performance in their day, such as dancing and live music. These details can require the co-ordination and management of a professional outside of the ceremony.


Help with vendors

An effective way to beautifully incorporate two religions in one unique ceremony is to use various aspects of the day, such as the décor, flowers, food, bridal wear and music to represent your chosen traditions.

With so much to consider, having someone you trust to seek the best vendors who provide stunning quality is instrumental.

A good wedding planner will have developed trusting relationships with vendors over many years, and their network will be diverse, meaning you will feel safe in the knowledge that you’re in credible hands.

A groom at an interfaith wedding party


Extra support

Your wedding day is a day about you and the love you share as a couple. Each moment should be one for you to absorb and enjoy, including the run-up to the wedding.

Having someone you can depend on to take care of the more complicated aspects of the day and oversee its organisation means you can spend more time enjoying it as a beautiful representation of your love.

Your wedding is an incredible life event and an experience for you to enjoy and cherish forever, without the unnecessary stress of being the head organiser.

Two lesbian brides on their wedding day in bridal gowns

How Make It Happen BCN can support you

Our lead wedding planner Natalia can work with you to ensure you achieve the wedding you desire. At the start of the planning process, Natalia focuses on in-depth consultations to confirm all your hopes and desires for your day.

Communication is at the heart of Make it Happen BCN, and no detail is too big or too small for our consideration.

We have much experience in creating unique and stunning interfaith wedding ceremonies and receptions, and we love to design specialised ceremonies which genuinely reflect you and your relationship.

If you would like to discover more about how Natalia can support you, get in touch with us today!


Talk to you soon, weddingmates!
Hugs and kisses.

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